1st Annual Ruddy Christmas Bash

1st Annual Ruddy Christmas Bash

This year, Ruddy Man is doing the holidays up right! 

Thursday, Dec. 19 @ 9pm EST on Instagram Livestream (@ruddymangrooming), King Tingle, his family, and tons of folks will be joined together for a grand old time of festive fun.  Besides crazy costumes, this party will include:

1) Christmas TREE-via (the winners of these 12 questions/riddles/quips will be the lucky folks who take home a half-ounce bottle of the limited edition Santa's Twerkshop beard oil...this will NOT be up for sale, so make sure you're here and your brain is sharp for a chance to win!)

2) A special UNRELEASED beard oil available to ONLY Party attendees for a very special price!  You won't know what that oil is until the Livestream happens, so again, make plans to attend, and bring your friends!

3) A couple of Christmas carols, courtesy of yours truly (and we MIGHT have Princess Tingle...that is, my daughter...join us!).

4) Some special guests sharing their favorite Christmas gifts ever and/or their fondest holiday memories.

5) Finally, we'll SCRATCH OFF the Ruddy Reveal mystery scent for December.

This party will be one for the books!  And there will be EVEN MORE surprises in person, so let's reiterate:  MAKE PLANS TO JOIN US AND YOU WON'T MISS OUT ON SOME OF THE BEST THINGS TO TAKE PLACE IN RUDDY MAN LAND ALL YEAR!


Make some plans, grab some friends and family, and party hard at Santa's Twerkshop for Christmas!