Big & Tall Oil/Balm Combo

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Big & Tall Scent Profile:  Sandalwood & Cedarwood

Each oil/balm combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 2 oz. tin of balm.

To see a list of our great ingredients, please see the product pages for the individual items listed here.

Customer Reviews

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Get Ruddy!!

I am new to the beard game but certainly found a home at Ruddy Man!! His scents are amazing and the talk of the backyard bbq!! Wanna buy a amazing product with better customer service...??? Buy Ruddy ☆☆☆☆☆

Another awesome order!!!

I ordered the shipwreck and The GOAT as well as the ruddy wash in shipwreck. Everything was great. The shipwreck has a light beachy smell that relaxes the body and the mind, and The GOAT is a sophisticated coffee blend with that us just wonderful to the senses and a great way to start the day. The Ruddy wash is a great lathering soap with that fresh shipwreck scent. Thanks for yet another awesome shopping experience!!

Ruddy Man Delivers!

During a BOGO that was going on I was able to purchase 3 oil/balm combos. Panther, Dapper Fox and Ringside were my choices and I couldn't go wrong with either one. All three scent profiles are top notch. To choose a favorite I guess I would lean more towards The Panther. Not to take away from the other two at all this one just stood out to me more. The carrier blends Mr. Ruddy uses are high quality! They really soak in good to my skin and beard extremely well. Leaving my beard and skin both nourished all day!
Each beard product maker has a twist they put into their products. Ruddy Man stands out as his own style on his products that I really enjoy! Great job Jimmy keep up the good work brother!
Don't second guess buying and using Ruddy Man products their awesome!




This is a awesomely refreshing scent. You can’t go wrong.