Our Scent Profiles


Below is a list of our different scent profiles.  We are always adding new aromas to our line of products, as well as short-run series, and the ever-changing Ruddy Reveal, so check back here often to find what has changed!  For our customers' safety, we only ever uses essential and skin-safe fragrance oils in our products.  As with most topically-applied products, please use caution and test our products on a small area of skin before committing them fully to your face or body.
Mainline Scents (available year-round):
Shipwreck:  Coconut, Lime, & Sandalwood
Ringside:  Leather, Cuban Tobacco, Cedar, Amber, & Vetiver
Double Shot:  Dark roast coffee-infused carrier blend & vanilla
Brass Tacks:  Unscented carrier blend
Corner Pocket:  Blended Whiskey, Chamomile, Vanilla, & Lavender
Signature Artist Series (made in collaboration with amazing musicians!):
Bombhouse:  Apple, Cinnamon, & Vanilla
Southern Gent:  Peach, Fir, & Amyris
Dapper Fox:  Black Spruce, Peppermint, Tea Tree, & Lavender
Panther:  Pine, Patchouli, Lavender, & Lemon
Big & Tall:  Sandalwood and Cedar

Ruddy Reveal Choice Scents:
Prize Pie:  Blackberry, Amber, Hazelnut, & Vanilla
Seasonal Scents (available only at different times of the year):
Pinch O' Green:  Wintergreen, lime, & rosemary
Ruddy Slush:  Cherry, lime, & lemon
Ichabod's Mane:  Pumpkin spice, clove, & vanilla
Merry Gentleman:  Peppermint, cranberry, cinnamon, & fir