Ruddy Reveal FAQ

We know you have questions...we've heard a TON of 'em.  Here are some quick and not-so-dirty answers to help you jump into the Ruddy Revealer pool more quickly:
Q)  How does the game work?
A)  Basically, this way:  each first week of the month, we'll ship out your package with a half-oz bottle of a mystery scent.  The label will be covered by a scratch-off sticker.  DON'T SCRATCH IT YET! (We do that together on a livestream later in the month.)  Your job is to wear it, sniff it, figure out what scent profile the oil is.  There will be a card in your package that helps you know a) when the livestream is where all will be revealed, b) what your very first clue is to help you figure out the NAME of the oil, and c) a basic rundown of how to play.  

The week leading up to the livestream, we'll drop clues (mostly on Instagram stories) for the scent profile.  Your job is to turn in your guesses (to both the name of the oil and the scent profile) via Instagram DM to @ruddymangrooming for a chance to enter two different drawings.  Then, we party at the livestream with giveaways, trivia, stupid costumes, and tons of fun.  
Q)  When does my subscription fee come out each month?  
A)  We have it set to automatically withdraw from the account you pay with on the 25th of each month, which is roughly right around the time we do the livestream.  That way, newcomers can get in on the next month's Reveal, and it gives you plenty of space between paying and receiving the product to play the game and plan ahead financially.
Q)  Can I opt out?  Is it easy?  What if I want to stay in, but need a month off?
A)  Yes, yes, and there's a way to do that!  All you need to do is make sure you open a Shopify customer account, then use THOSE credentials to login to our "manage your subscription" tab at the top of our site.  From there, you can change payment methods, PAUSE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, or delete it altogether (but we don't think you'll want to...pausing just keeps you in the system to start back up whenever you're ready).  If you need assistance, we're here to make it easy for you!
Q)  How is this different from other scent of the month boxes or mystery scents?
A)  For one, it's a mystery label with different artwork and scents each month.  For another, we're pretty sure you're gonna love the gumshoe feel of the whole thing.  We're all detectives here, and we want to solve this case.  Help us out, and we're sure you're gonna have a blast!
A)  NO.  The point of this game is NOT to find your next favorite beard oil scent (although, many Revealers have by playing this game).  Some months, we'll throw a curveball at you...something not-so-pleasant, but JUST as fun.  This is a test of your NOSE, your mind, and your wits.  Think Jelly Belly jelly beans, but with beard oil.  You don't WANT to eat a jelly bean that LOOKS like popcorn, but TASTES like earwax, but you have a blast playing regardless.
Q)  If I like the scent, can I get it again in a full size?
A)  We've instated a method of voting with subscribers to see what they think each month of the scent profile they received.  If it's well-liked, there's a chance you'll see it again as a limited run (at least).  Our very popular Prized Pie scent was borne from this game and subsequent user votes, after all.  If the majority doesn't care for it, but you DO, reach out to us.  We'll try to work with you.
Any other questions?  Just ask!  We can't wait to make YOU a super-sleuth in the Ruddy Reveal!