Beard Screen-A UV-Protectant Beard Oil

Beard Screen Scent Profile:  Watermelon Lemonade

Did you know that while your beard can shield your face from the sun's harmful UV rays, it takes the brunt of the damage it's protecting you from?  It sure does, and what's the point of maintaining that beastly beard if you can't even show it outside in the summer months without hurting it?  Enter Beard Screen, the premier beard oil designed SPECIFICALLY to protect your beard from the blistering rays of the sun. 

Ruddy Man Grooming worked closely with Dan C Bearded to create a beard product blend that would have a high ranking on the SPF charts while also conditioning the hair you've so lovingly cultivated.  Listed below, you'll see our ingredients with their respective SPF rankings.

Whether you're working in the yard, relaxing on the beach, at the family cookout, or rooting on your favorite sports team, Beard Screen will have your beard groomed, maintained, and well-protected.  After all it does for you, the least you can do is keep it safe!

*Please note:  due to the nature of the unrefined seed oils in this light-thickness blend, there will liekly be a higher shine to your beard hair (after all, reflecting the sun's rays is part of protection FROM the sun's rays), as well as a natural unrefined scent that, we find, mixes well with our watermelon lemonade fragrance blend.  As a result, we will NOT be able to offer refunds or exchanges on Beard Screen due to scent preference and/or shine preference.  We will, however, continue to offer refunds or new bottles for products lost or broken in transit, so never fear.

1 oz. bottle contains the following oils, with their SPF properties, as found in the comedogenic scale):

Raspberry Seed Oil (45-46 SPF)
Carrot Seed Oil (30-40 SPF)
Shea Nut Oil (3-6 SPF)
Fractionated Coconut Oil (2-8 SPF)

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Frank Thompson
UV oil

Used it when i went to the shore for a week stayed in my beard all day with multiple times in the salt water, great on my skin