Bombhouse-An Explosive Cider Beard Oil/Ruddy Butter Duo

Bombhouse Scent Profile:  Apple, Cinnamon, & Vanilla

Each oil/butter combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 4 oz. jar of Ruddy Butter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The scent is great. The quality of the oil and butter are top notch. I have tried many other brands and this is on par with the best of them. I will buy again.

Brenda Balderas

I bought this for my fiancé who has decided to keep his beard full time. The oil and balm smooth any strays and soften the texture of his hair. The smell is not too strong to be overpowering but just subtle enough to leave a light fragrance when he walks past....very nice!

Lance a
Great product

bombhouse is an awesome scent. Only issue though, I wished it would have had just. Little more touch of vanilla in it to make it a bit more sweeter. But I am still satisfied with just how it is. Great job!

Matt Mccard

Oil and butter feel great in beard, smell great in beard, and leave it so smooth and soft! Prices are good! Shipping is fast!! Do recommend!

Carnage G.
A company well worth the money!

I purchased the Bombhouse Oil/Balm. The Whipped Butter and Oil are just an incredible feel in my beard. I have a grey beard and it just sucks the product from my hands. I am confident that my face and beard are truly being babied. I think the scent is just as incredible but very light. And that was what I love about this company. I voiced so concern with the owner and man did he send over backwards to make me happy. I love dealing with companies like this. I do not believe in taking advantage of any company especially if that company is willing to discuss any issues and concerns! This is one company that is worth the investment. Your face and beard will thank you for it. What a tribute to his fellow bearded brothers.