Double Shot Oil/Whip Combo

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Double Shot Scent Profile:  Coffee-infused oil & Vanilla

Each oil/whip combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 4 oz. jar of Ruddy Whip.

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Customer Reviews

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Whole bean in a bottle

When I decided to really let the beard grow, I knew I wanted to find a coffee scented beard oil and butter. (I am one of those oddballs that loves the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans over the smell of anything brewed) I have found them here! The hint of vanilla takes these products to a level of smooth without overpowering the coffee. As for the butter, it's the perfect partner to the oil. It begins emulsifying as soon as you get it in your hand. Seriously! just rub your hands together a couple of times, and faster than a barista can call your name, this butter is ready to go. Ruddy Man will definitely be a part of bearded future.

Double Shot Combo

I absolutely love the scent of the Double Shot Oil and Whip, it smells like a freshly brewed Vanilla Latte! The quality of the product is great and works well on my beard.