Legendairy-An Orange Sherbet Beard Oil/Balm Duo

 Legendairy Scent Profile: Orange Sherbet & Waffle Cone

Nothing refreshes on a hot summer day quite like the citrusy blast of oranges and the cooling effect of a frozen treat.  With Legendairy, you can indeed make your beard look and smell like a legend without the melty mess of a real waffle cone full of extravagant orange sherbet.  Just like home-churned ice cream, this scent will take you to the best days of your summery past.  Make your beard Legendairy today!

Each oil/balm combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 2 oz. tin of balm.

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Customer Reviews

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Jai Fonts
Not bad

The orange sherbert does not come through on the scent. This smells Ike a citronella candle or a citrus candle

The Oil is great but it came with the plastic insert separately. However the oil is quality

The matching balm has the same smell and came in a very hard to open tin. It was also melted due to the shipping issues (which is not on Ruddyman)

It does irritate my face if I use to much

Overall a solid 3 out 5. The smell was a sligh misfire in my opinion but a solid product