Los Muertos-A Day of the Dead Summer Butter

Los Muertos Scent Profile:  Pan de Muerto, Citrus, Sugar Skulls, Incense, and Cemetery Trees

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a traditional Mexican celebration honoring the loved ones who have passed on from this life.  Blending the elements of this special day, Ruddy Man Grooming brings you Los Muertos, an exciting autumn blend comprised of the smells surrounding this annual event.  With notes of pan de muerto (bread of the dead), sweet oranges, sugar skull candies, incense (burned on the familial ofrenda, or altar), and the crisp smell of fall air and dead cemetery trees, Los Muertos is a scent to die for.

Beat the heat and give your beard a drink!  We all know that the hotter months means melting...and that goes for Ruddy Butter, too!  This is our new solution to this common problem.  You still need great hydration and conditioning found only in beard butter, but without the mess of a soupy jar of what you THOUGHT would be solid buttery goodness.  Say hello to Summer Butter, the original liquid beard butter.  With all the same benefits of Ruddy Butter (our whipped beard butter), but in a static liquid form, you'll be able to take this 4 oz bottle with a needle-nosed screw top lid with you to the beach, the pool, the gym, heck, even your truck, all in the summer...and the best part is, your beard won't ever have to be dried out by chlorine, saltwater, or heat ever again!  Get it now in any of our amazing scents!

Each 4 oz. bottle includes:

Shea Olein
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Fragrance and Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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Adam Oney

Smells like sweet bread, incense, and crunchy leaves. My second favorite scent after Southern gent.