Panther Balm

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Panther Scent Profile:  Pine, Patchouli, Lemon, & Lavender

Ruddy Balm pairs nicely (and works best) with Ruddy Man Beard Oil to complete the beard care experience.  With the hold and spread of both beeswax and shea butter, this conditioning agent makes for a fine beard shaper.  Think of it as the "gel" or "mousse" of beard hair.  While it can be used by itself, this balm really shines when paired with your favorite scent of Ruddy Man Beard Oil.  After showering and applying Ruddy Man Beard Oil to your facial hair, take a dime-to-quarter-sized amount into your palm, rub until melted, and work into beard, taming fly-aways and shaping your beard and stache.  

2 oz. tin contains:

Shea Butter
Jojoba Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Customer Reviews

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Good balm!

Very pleased with this balm. The consistency was top notch and the scent profile is so nice! To date, I'd have to say it's probably my favorite "woodsy" scent.

Great Feeling in Beard

One of the best Balm , Very smooth Easily melt in your hands. And very refreshing scent As well.
And the man behind this company is really great amazing Customer service very humble and happy to resolve your problem regarding your order.
Thanks 👊