Pillow Talk-A Romantically-Ruddy Beard Oil/Ruddy Butter Duo

Pillow Talk Scent Profile:  Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, Champagne, Suede, & Tabac

Each oil/butter combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 4 oz. jar of Ruddy Butter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Deliciously Sweet

I ordered the oil and butter combo not knowing what to expect! But once I first used it and the oil settled on my beard the smell got even better! The scent profile is very suttle not overpowering like some of the beard oils on the market! I’m a repeat customer for life at Ruddy Man Grooming!

Sophisticated and Smooth

Every Ruddy Man product I have tried has been excellent...and Pillow Talk is no exception! The chocolate/strawberry/champagne is milder than I was expecting, but that is perfectly fine. For me, where this oil and butter shine is when it settles in. After just a few minutes in beard, the scent changes to this amazing and downright seductively smooth cologne. If you're thinking about trying this scent, just do it!

Need to be Ruddy Ready

After trying quite a few of other beard companies, I decided to by Pillow Talk and was not disappointed. This was the first time that my beard actually felt silky smooth after applying product. Great, great feel in beard and great scent profile. I can't wait for my next order to arrive. I have become a loyal customer.


Great customer service! And great product

Just keeps getting better!!!!!!

I really liked the scent from the first time I smelled it but man ohhh man I love it even more each time I wear it. Only have one problem with it and that is I seem to reach for it and midnight all the time to where even though I have only had it a couple weeks I am already starting to think I will burn through it too quickly. Y'all need to jump on this one or both as they are very unique and completely amazing and addicting.