River Runner-An Aquatic Musk Summer Butter

Scent Profile:  Redwood, Cedarwood, & Aquatic Musk

One third of the Sawyer Series, River Runner blends hearty and spicy wood scents with a deep and fresh clean and cool watery air.  

Summer Butter:

Beat the heat and give your beard a drink!  We all know that the hotter months means melting...and that goes for Ruddy Butter, too!  This is our new solution to this common problem.  You still need great hydration and conditioning found only in beard butter, but without the mess of a soupy jar of what you THOUGHT would be solid buttery goodness.  Say hello to Summer Butter, the original liquid beard butter.  With all the same benefits of Ruddy Butter (our poured beard butter), but in a static liquid form, you'll be able to take this 4 oz bottle with a needle-nosed screw top lid with you to the beach, the pool, the gym, heck, even your truck, all in the summer...and the best part is, your beard won't ever have to be dried out by chlorine, saltwater, or heat ever again!  Get it now in any of our amazing scents!

Each 4 oz. bottle includes:

Shea Olein
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Fragrance and Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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Reno Cyr
River Runner

Love the liquid beard butter! The scent is just right and a light medium consistency easy to distribute. Last all day with a pleasant nutrition hold. Great results! I definitely recommend, Manbark.

Jeffery Grey

I am in the part of my life where the years have drained the color from my hair and beard. I am lucky to still have both by the way. I thought life had also drained the life from my beard. That life was brought back to my beard when I started using Ruddy Man products. Although still drained of color my beard isn't crunchy feeling anymore and looks better than ever. Awesome product Indeed!!!

Kevin B
Solid choice

Smells great! Could use a little more weight to it, but applies easily and keeps soft.

Joseph C
Great scent a must have

I love the sawyer series so anything I can get my hands on is wonderful. The scent profiles are so complex and well made, it was love at first smell.

Brian B
Intriguing & Amazing!

So when I first heard of Ruddy Man and the Summer Butter I was intrigued. So I definitely wanted to try this Summer Butter and spoiler alert... I’m so glad I did. This stuff definitely softens and nourishes my beard just as well as any regular beard butter. The only difference other than being liquid was that it seems to soak in my beard and skin faster than any regular butter. When I use a regular butter it seems to last in my beard longer opposed to the Summer Butter, bc of this I’ve been using this a lot during the day. Other than that I absolutely love this stuff and will definitely be trying it in other scents. This is also great for someone like me who travels a lot. My son is a cancer patient so I’m back and forth from home to the hospital all the time and have to pack my beard care products, so this is great for that. No more worrying about my butters melting while driving back and forth or accidentally leaving it in the car. And the scent is amazing! I’m a huge fan of this scent, so much so that I’m going to get the oil and Ruddy Butter. The description of the scent is pretty spot on, I think I definitely get the aquatic musk quite a bit but it’s great. It is a pretty strong scent but not too overpowering. I’ve tried many different scents from many different companies and this scent is my all time favorite scent. Great product overall, very convenient if you travel a lot, great scent, and I’d definitely purchase this again and will be very soon as much as I use this!