Whistle Punk-A Deep-Forest Oud Beard Oil/Summer Butter Duo

Scent Profile:  Amber, Oud, Campfire, & Warm Cologne

One third of the Sawyer Series, Whistle Punk boasts a wonderfully-masculine scent profile that brings the depths of the forest to the world of cologne for a beard oil experience unlike any other.

Each oil/Summer Butter combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 4 oz. bottle of Summer Butter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Justin Simmons

Really like the scent I would buy it forever if it was stronger smell it's very light didn't expect that. Like I said great scent just not much to smell.

Joshua Hill
Great amber oudstank

Jimmy has done a great job with this scent. The amber isn't to much. I'm finding myself wearing this most of the week love it. Summer butter keeps my beard great all day.

Whistle Punk is a Masterpiece

Alright folks, we already know that Ruddy Man is one of the best beard companies out there. But this scent right's the best one that Ruddy makes, and that's really saying something because we all know the masterpieces that are Ringside, Headmaster, and Shipwrecked. Like the whole Sawyer Series, Whistle Punk is a perfect hybrid between classy cologne and rugged outdoor-ness, but if you could only have one, Whistle Punk is it.