Serial-A Killer Breakfast Summer Butter

 Serial Scent Profile:  Fruity Cereal, Marshmallows, & Flavored Milk

Ready for a collection you can really sink your teeth into?  Welcome Serial-A Killer Breakfast Collection to the Ruddy Man seasonal line.  With a scent to die for, Serial not only smells amazing, but it also slashes beard itch and mangled beards away.  Ok, enough with the puns.  Make sure to get this GRRREAT collection before it heads back into the shadows....


Beat the heat and give your beard a drink!  We all know that the hotter months means melting...and that goes for Ruddy Butter, too!  This is our new solution to this common problem.  You still need great hydration and conditioning found only in beard butter, but without the mess of a soupy jar of what you THOUGHT would be solid buttery goodness.  Say hello to Summer Butter, the original liquid beard butter.  With all the same benefits of Ruddy Butter (our whipped beard butter), but in a static liquid form, you'll be able to take this 4 oz bottle with a needle-nosed screw top lid with you to the beach, the pool, the gym, heck, even your truck, all in the summer...and the best part is, your beard won't ever have to be dried out by chlorine, saltwater, or heat ever again!  Get it now in any of our amazing scents!

Each 4 oz. bottle includes:

Shea Olein
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Oil

Customer Reviews

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Golden Groves
Smells great and works wonderfully

I have used the product for a few days now and I love how it makes my beard look and smell