Shipwreck-A Beach Paradise Beard Conditioner

Shipwreck Scent Profile:  Coconut, Lime, & Sandalwood

Use this wonderfully silky conditioner in the shower to wash your beard without stripping each day for a softer and more manageable face mane. 

Each 8oz bottle comes with a pump top AND a disc top option and contains the following ingredients:



Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil
Essential and Fragrance Oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike McAvoy
Smells great and conditions!

Here in Cleveland as the season changes everything dries out including your beard. Used this a few times so far and have gotten great results.

Best shipwreck you will experience!

I’ve been using the Shipwrecked Co-wash for several months now and love it! I’ve been using with Brass Tacks primary, but going to get some shipwrecked primary now that it’s getting close to the end of the Brass Tacks. I love tropical scents and the Co-wash leaves my Ruddy beard feeling well nourished! *Disclaimer~yes my last name is actually Ruddy, you may have seen some of my other reviews on here, but I have NO affiliation with Ruddy Man Grooming and receive nothing but the fine products I pay for just like everyone else.* I will say I hav see talked with Jimmy on social media, and he is a cool dude, so he’s definately an honourary Ruddy! :)

Mike R.
Mmmmm..... coconut!

I have about a dozen different Co-Wash - Conditioners and this is by far in my top 3 right now! This is a sleeper, has nice weight to it when you apply, a small amount goes a long way, its not watery. As you apply it, the fresh scent can be picked up right away, nice thing about it is that after you rinse, you can still pick up the scent and once you leave the shower, the scent stays there but not strong, just little hints of it where you keep sniffing the air and saying hmmm, that smells good! Great job to Ruddy on this one!

Robert Gill

Leaves beard good and clean and smelling like the beach!