Whistle Punk-A Deep-Forest Oud Beard Oil/Butter Duo

Scent Profile:  Amber, Oud, Campfire, & Warm Cologne

One third of the Sawyer Series, Whistle Punk boasts a wonderfully-masculine scent profile that brings the depths of the forest to the world of cologne for a beard oil experience unlike any other.

Each oil/butter combo comes with a MATCHING set of a 1 oz. bottle of oil and a 4 oz. jar of Ruddy Butter (our poured solid butter).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Justin Pool
Ladies love it

The scents y’all make are amazing. My beard has never felt better.

John K
Clean outdoorsy oud toasting on a campfire

If you could imagine a cooler fall evening at a campfire in the woods with oud being charred or toasted over the fire, then you have a close idea of how this smells. It's almost as though your smelling a subtle sandalwood/amber cologne through the oud/campfire. This is my 2nd Sawyer series scent I have, and will soon be adding the 3rd.
Performance of the oil & butter are top notch quality, definitely worth a shot.

Aldemir Lugo
Whistle punk

Ahh yeah this is the kind of scent I like the oud and amber a top note then the campfire as base note just added the final touch such a smooth spicey scent loving it really recommend this oil 👍🏼👍🏼

Better than hoped

I have become a real Ruddy Man fan. Whistle Punk is an awesome oud scent that feels just as good in-beard. The scent evolves throughout the day and keeps me smelling fresh. The butter is excellent and is my go-to for a mid-day spruce up

Peter White
Whistle Punk

Whistle Punk is a awesome deep , rich amd lous scent profile, just how I like them! The Oud in it is fantastic! I can’t wait to get the other two in the series! If you haven’t tried whistle punk you need to...