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This Month's Beast Box:

Land Shark

Scent Profile: Salty Breezes, Tropical Citrus, & Amber Sunsets

Our final summertime offering for the year comes in the way of Land Shark, a scent profile we've kept under wraps for over a year!  This collection recalls an uplifting aroma during the dog days of summer, and with it being a custom created by someone who spends a LOT of time in and around the water, you can trust this scent to be more than your typical beach vibe.  Add this prankster pup to your Field Guide today as we bid farewell to summer and look forward to autumn in this month's Beast Box!

About the Beast Box:

Are you always on the hunt for new and exciting things?  You are?  Well, grab your binoculars, because the Beast Box was designed to give you a monthly subscription like no other!  Each month, your subscription Beast Box will include your choice of the products you know and love from Ruddy Man Grooming in a unique and exclusive scent profile.  The best part?  Each month includes the discovery of a different Ruddy Beast, showcased by our incredible in-house artist! 

PLUS, your first month includes a full-sized printout of the Ruddy Beast Field Guide, a map that includes the habitats along the trail of your journey where you'll find each month's new Beast.  Collect all of the stickers (included in each month's Beast Box), place them on your Field Guide.  But bragging rights aren't all you'll get with the Field Guide....stay subscribed and nab as many Beasts as you can for deep discounts, drawings, and massive prizes.  At the end of the year, all hunters with full Field Guides will be placed in a drawing for an incredible giveaway!

All right, get ready to Ruddy, and happy hunting!

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Truly, A Soothing Summer Solace

Tranquill is one of the most soothing scents I’ve ever experienced. I don’t usually use that term to describe most beard oil scents (tobacco & vanilla scents are close) but man that ole Porcupine is just that, super soothing 👍🏽👍🏽. If you're reading this and on the fence about the Beast Box Subscription its the only way to get Tranquill. The Sub is easy to manage and Jimmy is always willing to help you get the most from your sub setup. Tranquill is Summer.

Kylie Warren
Beastly products! (Mountain Morning)

This is my first sub with Ruddy and have to admit, I almost didn’t subscribe because I HATE coffee scents. This is so much more than a coffee scent this is a breath of fresh air and may have changed my opinions on coffee scents in general.

Mountain Morning is the COFFEE BOMB!!!

Sweet fancy Moses! This is a stand-up coffee scent. I actually find myself using this more than Cafe Voodoo as this isn't as sweet overall. The leather and mountain air really give this the added sense of masculine calm in the morning. Well done Jimmy.

Christopher Henning
Do I have a bakery on my face?

This oil works well for sure. Not only does it work but it smells delicious as well! Might be a trigger for those baked goods addicts out there but for the rest of us, we’ll enjoy!

Leonardo Coronado
Jag Noir

This is my first beast box and I am hooked. The scent on this one is real nice. A light cologne scent that goes in easy and lasts all day. As always the artwork is something else. I'd buy and collect these decals if offered as a sticker set. If this is my first order, I can't wait to see what's in store!