Shipping & Damaged Goods

Your business helps our business stay in business.  We know your order is important, so we strive to make shipping and returns a priority for you.  

Shipping Information

  • Affordable USPS First Class Mail and Priority Mail Shipping for All USA Orders!

  • Ruddy Man Beard Co. offers quick shipping and delivery from the United States Postal Service to get your orders to you faster than standard ground shipping from other carriers.

  • Most orders are shipped directly from Ruddy Man Beard Co. headquarters within 1-4 business days (Monday-Friday)

  • Orders are typically delivered within 3 business days after you receive your tracking number via email. If you have not received your tracking email, make sure to check your spam folder. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.

  • Due to the sensitive nature of our products and our inability to reuse opened merchandise for customer safety, we do not accept returns or issue exchanges.  If you do have an issue with the product you've purchased, reach out to us!  We believe in satisfaction for customers, so we'll do what we can to make you happy that you chose Ruddy Man!  Thanks for your understanding.

International Shipping

  • Due to forces outside of our control (i.e., shipping times, international customs issues, etc.), international customers assume all risks when purchasing from Ruddy Man Grooming. ALL INTERNATIONAL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, OR EXCHANGES FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.

  • Because of these forces, Ruddy Man Grooming is unable to issue exchanges or refunds for ANY REASON, including (but not limited to):  

  • Personal preference of scent or quality of product;
  • Minor damages incurred during international shipping, which tend to be longer than usual (examples:  minimal leaks (less than 1/3 of a bottle of oil, inconsequential amounts of shampoos, cosmetic defects in containers or labels, and other issues that arise but still allow the use of the product to take effect);
  • Adverse reactions to products or the skin-safe fragrances used in the creation of Ruddy Man Grooming products (for this reason, please research all of our ingredients listed on our website before making your purchase to ensure you will not have any adverse reactions to products you plan to buy);
  • Incorrect shipping information placed in order by customer, returned to sender packages, customer's choice to refrain from reaching out to shipping companies responsible for damaged goods, etc. 
  • All of these reasons apply to customers who have Ruddy Man Grooming products to a U.S. address, but who reside outside of the continental U.S.  
  • Ruddy Man Grooming does want international customers to be satisfied with their purchases, so if any unsatisfactory issues arise from shipment, arrival, or use of Ruddy Man Grooming products, the company will opt for a specialized discount code for said customers or free product, to be used on the next verified purchase from Ruddy Man Grooming's webstore.  Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

Incidental Damages (Continental U.S. Only)

  • In the event your packaged order is delivered damaged in the continental U.S., please send a photo of the damaged goods to us via We do our very best to ensure safe delivery of all orders, but accidents do happen. Please note, we will replace damaged goods if contacted WITHIN 48 HOURS OF DELIVERY of the shipment within the continental U.S.  After this time period, replacement goods will not be sent without incurring additional handling fees and/or shipping costs.  

  • After we’ve received and examined the photo, we’ll promptly contact you with next steps. Many times, these next steps include a new package with an intact item sent to you free of charge (with proper notice/photos sent within 72 hours of delivery of package), but circumstances may dictate other measures (such as one-time discount codes, free replacements with purchase of shipping, possible free product included in next order, etc.). Thanks for your patience with us as we determine the best way to serve you in this matter!