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Scent Profile:  Pineapple, Bay Rum, & The Open Sea

Do the warmer gales speak adventure to you?  Is one of your favorite feelings having the wind blow through your beard?  Do you long to sail away with naught but a compass, the wild ocean, and a fancy-shmancy blade to accompany you?  Then Swashbuckler is for YOU, my fine friend.  Sea salt and coral reefs mix with a poignant rum, topped with the subtle sweetness of tropical pineapple.  This is THE perfect summertime scent for the discerning gentleman, and it's ONLY available to YOU, Beast Boxers!

About the Beast Box:

Are you always on the hunt for new and exciting things?  You are?  Well, grab your binoculars, because the Beast Box was designed to give you a monthly subscription like no other!  Each month, your subscription Beast Box will include your choice of the products you know and love from Ruddy Man Grooming in a unique and exclusive scent profile.  The best part?  Each month includes the discovery of a different Ruddy Beast, showcased by our incredible in-house artist! 

PLUS, your first month includes a full-sized printout of the Ruddy Beast Field Guide, a map that includes the habitats along the trail of your journey where you'll find each month's new Beast.  Collect all of the stickers (included in each month's Beast Box), place them on your Field Guide.  But bragging rights aren't all you'll get with the Field Guide....stay subscribed and nab as many Beasts as you can for deep discounts, drawings, and massive prizes.  At the end of the year, all hunters with full Field Guides will be placed in a drawing for an incredible giveaway!

All right, get ready to Ruddy, and happy hunting!

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Greg G

Bullhorn is a fantastic scent! I get a sweet grape soda/grape candy scent, rounded out perfectly with the popcorn and earthy gravel to keep it from being too sweet. As always, the oil, butter and balm work wonders for my beard and my skin. RuddyMan is just the best!

Beastly Box of Goodies!

This sub service is fantastic. I love the creative scents that keep getting pumped out. For me I go with the Oil and Summer Butter and you know, I love it! Jimmy has really put his work on display here from the packaging to the community building collection option, the Beast Box is a fantastic get!

Cafe voodoo

WOW!!! JUST WOW. This scent was amazing and even my wife loves it. I cant get enough of how amazing it smells and that i just want to eat my beard because it smells like a bakery.

Beast Box Cafe Voodoo

First stop on the Trail Map is excellent. I definitely get every scent aspect in Cafe Voodoo. Feel in beard is excellent. Can't wait to see what's coming next on the journey!

Erik Ard
Mmmmm donuts!

I absolutely love ruddyman products already and if this is the first beastly attraction on the trail its gonna be a wild ride