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Why beard oil?

While beard oil definitely has conditioning properties for beard hair, its primary purpose is to replenish moisture to the skin under your beard that's normally given by naturally-occurring sebum oil.  As bearded men grow facial hair, that sebum oil can become sparse, causing irritated skin, coarse and unmanageable hair, and overall discomfort.  That's where Ruddy Man Grooming's beard oil comes in.  Moisturize dry and flaky skin, relieve itching, revive lifeless beard hair, and smell great all day long with Ruddy Man's amazing light-medium weight carrier blend for a non-greasy feel that will make you look, feel, and smell your best!

A revolution in beard care!

Ruddy Man Grooming is grateful to be the home of the first liquid concoction in the beard care industry designed to give all of the same benefits of a typical beard butter in a form that the summer heat cannot prevail against.  Why?  Because it's already MELTED, of course!  Using a fractionated version of the solid components found in our award-winning Ruddy Butter, we've eliminated the need for refrigerating butters fresh from that hot mailbox...this is why we call our liquid beard butter Summer Butter.  Throw it in your overnight or gym bag for that extra conditioning on the go, too.  A little goes a long way with this non-greasy formula, so give your beard a drink with Ruddy Man's Summer Butter today!

Wait, isn't butter for toast?

One of the most recent developments in beard care has been this wondrous product, named for its velvety feel and ability to melt easily.  Made for the express purpose of deep-conditioning the HAIRS of your beard, our Ruddy Butter is comprised of some of the finest ingredients one can use for hair maintenance and softness.  A small amount each day will work wonders for your beard's overall feel, and we're sure you're going to fall in love with this award-winning product from Ruddy Man Grooming!

What is beard balm?

Our Ruddy Balm is a wondrous medium-hold conditioning solid product that is most often used in order to give shape and hold to your beard.  It's amazing for skin, too, utilizing coconut oil, shea butter, our smooth carrier oil blend, and of course, the amazing scent oils we utilize for a lasting look, smell, and feel that you'll love!

Which Ruddy Beast are YOU?

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Seasonal Scents

We love to create new and amazing products for different seasons and events, including our Beast Yourself Ruddy Customs. These don't hang around too long, so grab one (or all) of them before they head to the Ruddy Preserve!

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Ruddy Beast Masterminds

This very special collection of Beasts contains collaborations with Ruddy Man Grooming's amazing affiliates, a group of people who embody the Ruddy Man spirit and give constant content and goodness to those of us in the community of bearded men.

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Ruddy Ma'am Ladies' Grooming

Our new ladies' line, Ruddy Ma'am, gives those wondrous women in our lives something from Ruddy Man Grooming, including shave oils, conditioners, lotions, and more! Adding new scent collections throughout the year, we've got something for everyone!

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