Our Story

The Original Ruddy Man

Jimmy Atkins is the creator of Ruddy Man Grooming Co.  During a long stint as the frontman for a regional Christian rock outfit and a full-time occupation as a worship pastor, Atkins came to identify himself as "the guitar guy with the red beard."
Having this facial hair invited comments and questions, and after having been asked how he got his beard to look healthy and hold shape, he decided to make the products he'd be proud to endorse.  Thus, Ruddy Man was born.

Why Ruddy Man?

A quick search of the term "ruddy" will uncover this definition:
"of or having a fresh, healthy red color"
Atkins believes Ruddy Man is an all-encompassing name that points to his own roots as a redhead, as well as to the hope that bearded men from every walk of life will find healthy ways to take care of their facial hair.  But that's not all.  "Being a Ruddy Man denotes someone who is well-rounded, a man who both takes care of his beard AND his family and community.  This can only happen by being a healthy man to begin with," Atkins says.
It's fitting, then, that Ruddy Men everywhere would remember the first beard care slogan of this up-and-comer:  "Man up.  Take care of your beard."


While not every beard is red, every beard (or any facial hair) CAN be healthy.  Don't just grow your beard; take care of it!  It is our belief that being a Ruddy Man not only means that you have a great-looking mane, though.  It also means taking care of your family, friends, and community with selfless cultivation and hard-earned patience, traits that are found in a healthy man.  So join the Ruddy Men.  After all, you're not ready until you're Ruddy!