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This Month's Beast Box:

Macho Tigre

Scent Profile: Dark Amber Musk,Macho Mangorita & Luchador Leather

"Don't you want a little taste of glory?"  With Macho Tigre, you can have all of the danger of your moonlighting, luchador-loving alter ego during the bright light of day!  Available only for the month of July, give the unrelenting summer heat a piledrive to the face with the intoxicating aroma of dark amber, a splash of mango margarita, and the slightest touch of won't find another scent in all the world like it!

About the Beast Box:

Are you always on the hunt for new and exciting things?  You are?  Well, grab your binoculars, because the Beast Box was designed to give you a monthly subscription like no other!  Each month, your subscription Beast Box will include your choice of the products you know and love from Ruddy Man Grooming in a unique and exclusive scent profile.  The best part?  Each month includes the discovery of a different Ruddy Beast, showcased by our incredible in-house artist! 

PLUS, your first month includes a full-sized printout of the Ruddy Beast Field Guide, a map that includes the habitats along the trail of your journey where you'll find each month's new Beast.  Collect all of the stickers (included in each month's Beast Box), place them on your Field Guide.  But bragging rights aren't all you'll get with the Field Guide....stay subscribed and nab as many Beasts as you can for deep discounts, drawings, and massive prizes.  At the end of the year, all hunters with full Field Guides will be placed in a drawing for an incredible giveaway!

All right, get ready to Ruddy, and happy hunting!

Options Include individual items or combos comprised of the following items:

1oz Beard Oil
2oz. Beard Balm
2oz. Beard Butter
2oz. Liquid Beard Butter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jose Perez
This scent is WONDERFUL

I absolutely love the cherry/oud combination of this scent. It works really well together. My wife and my boys LOVE when I have this scent in beard. Definitely worth getting! Scent is strong and long lasting.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️LOVE everything we have purchased from Ruddy Man. This is the second year I subscribed to the monthly Beast Box and my husband is a fan of ALL of them. Recently I purchased the Lab Collaboration and it exceeded our expectations. Absolutely perfect. Amazing scents and my husband's beard has never looked or felt better.

Adam Vickery

I absolutely love this oil! The smell of leather hits you when you first put the oil in your beard and then the sweetness of the peach comes in hot!

So Amazing

I Absolutely Love this scent. Smells Awesome and lasts all day.. Can't get enough of leather scents. I Wish they'd let us buy extra oil and Butta tho I need more🥺

Brother T

I saw the scent profile and thought it would be interesting. Man! Little did I know this would become my #1 favorite beard oil!
It has a nostalgic scent that I can't quite place but somewhere in my subconscious I know it's a memory of something good. Thank you Ruddyman for this delightful scent!