Midnight-A Refined Gentleman's Beard Butter

Midnight Scent Profile:  Musk, Cuban Tobacco, & Warm Bourbon

Welcome the MIDNIGHT Collection to the Ruddy Man lineup.  A masculine cologne scent with notes of Cuban leaf and warm spirits, Midnight will be sure to make it into your date night repertoire.

Wait a second, isn't butter only for toast?  Not anymore!  Utilizing enriching natural ingredients like shea butter and solid coconut oil, this leave-in conditioner is considered a halfway point between beard oil and beard balm.  Meant to trap moisture and scent deep in your beard's hair for an longer amount of time, it's the perfect on-the-go solution if you're rushing out the also works superbly in conjunction with oil and balm for a greater impact on the way your beard looks, feels, and smells.  Get it today in any Ruddy Man Beard Oil scent and feel the difference for yourself!

***Important shipping information:
Due to the composition of this product, it WILL melt in transit during warmer months.  To circumvent this issue, PLEASE PROVIDE A SHIPPING ADDRESS THAT ARRIVES INDOORS.  
Don't fret, though...while the look of the butter may arrive in a more liquid state, refrigerating the butter for approx. 15-20 minutes will give a semi-soft texture to the melted butter.  
As a result, Ruddy Man Beard Co. will be UNABLE  to replace any butter based on melting during shipping.  However, reach out to us!  We'll be glad to help in any way possible to ensure you have the best experience with your Ruddy Butter!

For an unmeltable alternative, check out Ruddy Man's Summer Butter in our store!


2 oz. jar includes:

Shea Butter
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Luke Mackey
Midnight butter

The midnight beard butter is a must. It is a very refreshing, clean, post shower, cool scent that is sure to impress. I’m a big fan. I like the rugged flavors mostly but this is a nice “going out” scent. The butter is phenomenal also. For my beard everything is juuuuust right. Not too greasy etc. It leaves it looking very clean and healthy. I recommend.

Bethany Saunders
Best Beard Cream Ever

My husband requests this brand by name because he says nothing beats it! Perfect texture, and I love the scents!!

Nicky L.

Midnight is awesome. really light refreshing cologne scent I love to use at night. The Butter and oil are great