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We've made it incredibly easy for you to find the perfect scent profile for your beard, body, and family.  Our staples are listed below, but stay connected with us for special collections that only come around once in a blue moon or so!

Mainline Scent Profiles:

The following scents are available year-round.


Ruddy Ma'am Scent Profiles:


Ruddy Cubs Scent Profiles:


 Seasonal Scent Profiles:

These scents are available at different times of year, so stay up-to-date via email/text!


  • CHIN MUSIC-Grass, Dirt, Leather, Tobacco, & Popcorn
  • DERBY DAY-Mint Juleps, Leather Saddles, & A Rose Garland
  • JAILBREAK-Mahogany, Cypress, Teak, Lemongrass, & Rainfall
  • PINCH O' GREEN-Rosemary, Lime, Green Tea, & Mint
  • SHORT 'N STOUT-Chocolate Oatmeal Stout


  • BARKTENDER-Root Beer, Marshmallow, Tobacco, & Oud
  • G.I.-Blueberry, Leather, Tobacco, & Dry Whiskey
  • LEGENDAIRY-Orange Sherbet & Waffle Cone
  • PRIZED PIE-Blackberry Pie & Golden Amber
  • ROCKTAIL-Cuban Tobacco & Mango Mojito
  • RUDDY SLUSH-Cherry, Lemon, Lime, & Slush Soda


  • BAD PILGRIM-Cornbread, Sweet Potato, Cranberry Sauce, & Bourbon
  • BOMBHOUSE-Apple Cider & Vanilla
  • CROW KEEPER-Apple Pie & Black Walnut
  • ELEMENTAL-Enchanting Absinthe, Mystical Forest Magic, & Cryptic Cedar
  • ESSEX-Cranberry Cavendish, Dry Leaves, Candle Smoke, & Salty Air
  • GHOST LIGHTS-Dry Leaves, Crushed Acorns, Fallen Fruit, Mountain Mist & Ancient Woods
  • ICHABOD'S MANE-Pumpkin, Vanilla, & Clove
  • LOS MUERTOS-Pan de Muerto, Citrus, Sugar Skulls, Incense, & Trees
  • NOCTURNUS-Red Wine, Blood Orange, & Draculean Musk
  • PIGSKIN-Smoked Apple Bacon & A Leather Football
  • SARCOPHAGUS-Egyptian Amber, Linen Wraps, & Burial Saffron Spices
  • SERIAL-Fruity Cereal, Marshmallow, & Flavored Milk
  • THE WRETCH-Dirt, Frankincense, Daisies, Pomegranate, & Smoke


  • AURORA-Frosty Air, Cool Cologne, Leather, & A Cedar Sled
  • MAGI-Frankincense, Myrrh, & Oud
  • MOSCOW MORNING-Sweet Tea, Spiced Citrus, & Lemonade
  • NAUGHTY NICK-Trickster Tobacco, Boisterous Bourbon, & Mint Mischief
  • PILLOW TALK-Chocolate-covered Strawberries, Champagne, Suede/Tabac
  • RUDDY CLAWS-Cookies, Spiked Eggnog, Chilly Air, & A Corncob Pipe
  • SANTA'S TWERKSHOP-Mint, Musk, & Dirty Dolla Bills
  • SECRET APEGENT-Banana Bourbon, Birch/Oud, Tobacco, & Aged Wood
  • WINTER COWBOY-Bourbon, Hot Tea, & Lemon Juice