Midnight-A Refined Cologne Beard Oil

Midnight Scent Profile:  Musk, Cuban Cigar, & Warm Bourbon

Welcome the MIDNIGHT Collection to the Ruddy Man lineup.  A masculine cologne scent with notes of Cuban cigar and warm bourbon, Midnight will be sure to make it into your date night repertoire.

1 oz. bottle contains:

Coconut Oil
Argan Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Jojoba Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Wife loved it!!

When I opened to the oil and balm I was really pleased with my second purchase. The mixture of the musk with the Cuban cigar and bourbon mix really well into the beard. After applying it my wife got a smell of it and she loved it!! You will definitely look like a weirdo while you sniff your beard through the day but who cares.

Cologne smell, wife approved

This one is really nice for an evening or a night out. It smells like a nice cologne, not an overpowering cheap one. The first time I wore it, I tried it the day I received it, late in the evening and my wife asked if I was wearing cologne to bed. I told her no, that it was a new beard oil and she said that she really liked it.

Good evening scent profile

Great all around scent profile. Not too over powering and blends well with most types of men’s cologne.

Awesome Stuff

This oil is so good! First day I had it in I knew this oil was on another level. Scent is very nice and even had my wife saying something about it and she never says anything about any of my beard products!!

Superior Customer Service

The challenge of buying scented products online is that you can't give them a whiff before ordering. When I received some beard oil with a fragrance different from what I'd expected, Jimmy was quick to offer alternatives and shipped me a replacement order that he mixed personally for a scent I preferred. Mind officially blown. Beard nicely scented and oiled! Thank you Jimmy and thank you Ruddy Man!