Moscow Morning Beard Oil

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It's getting cooler outside, and nothing warms up the senses and the spirits like a steaming cup of Russian Tea.  Introducing, Moscow Morning, an expertly-blended beard oil that carries the unforgettable scent of southern sweet tea, sweet oranges, zesty lemonade, and hints of the perfect spices to keep your mood and beard at their best.  Enjoy the cold months with a bottle of Moscow Morning today.

1 oz. bottle contains:

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Moroccan Argan Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Essential and Fragrance Oils: Spiced Citrus & Sweet Tea

Customer Reviews

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The scent is best worn outside in the cold, where it takes me back to my grandparent's home on the side of a WVA mountain in the dead of winter.

Awesome beard oil.

Great scent that lasts all day.

Russian tea.....PERFECTION!

In January 1998 I was blessed to go with my wife and kids on a mission trip to Moscow. One of my strongest sensory memories is of the hot tea we had every morning and night. Deep and rich with an undefinable wonderful fruit/spice. This. Is. That. Tea.

I grabbed this beard oil and beard butter for the first time after stepping out of the shower this evening. Putting just the few drops of the oil in my hand I was surrounded by this incredible aroma! Warm in the most comfortable way possible, spicy but soft, fruity but not sweet.

I followed it with the beard butter a few minutes later, and I have to say my beard was blown away! My beard is predominately gray and usually has the texture of a tumbleweed. Not tonight! My beard is softer than it has ever been (I keep touching it and thinking "so this is what I've been missing").

Thank you Ruddy Man!

strong, but pleasing scent

The oil is great, and so far Ruddy has become my favorite producer of beard oil. I have a short beard, and sometimes oils will sort of take over my face throughout the day. This product seems to be more fully absorb-able. The scent is definitely noticeable, but it is also a nice winter scent. My wife says it smells like egg nog (in a good way - she loves it). I humbly disagree, but like it just the same, and don't really have a better description. Anyway, it's certainly a great deal when thrown in for free!


I’ve been trying out quite a few oils and ran across RuddyMan. Got the BOGO Moscow Morning. Wow!! Powerful. Very strong exotic masculine scent. Get this... the scent won’t quit on you for hours. Not overpowering, but you’ll get noticed!