Shipwreck-A Beach Paradise Beard Oil

Scent Profile:  Coconut, Lime, & Sandalwood

Get wrecked the Ruddy way!  True Ruddy men don't shave for the summer...we beat the heat with Shipwreck beard oil. Utilizing a blend of scents that evoke memories of the beach, Shipwreck brings summer vacation right to your face wherever you might be.  Be your own your mind and soul while caring for your beard.

1 oz. bottle contains:
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Moroccan Argan Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil
Essential and Fragrance Oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Brian J.
Amazing scent

I just got back from Jamaica and this beard oil takes me right back!

Cowabunga, my dudes

Got this oil and the matching conditioner in the mail today and immediately had to put both to use, and boy howdy am I excited to use this scent over the summer. The tropical balance of the lime and coconut are perfectly matched with the woodsy sandalwood scent. Beard has looked it’s best in recent memory!

Kenneth Gould

I really like this oil. I have a few tropical scents from other companies, and I am picky, so I wasn't expecting to like this scent as much as I do. I normally do not like sandalwood....but it all works together. Medium weight oil is the perfect description for Ruddy oil. Still waiting on a sampler just because so many scents to try, but this one is now in the line up.

Ridge Bringger
Shipwreck beard oil / I’ve purchased other oils aswell

Great quality product. A smell that I didn’t think I’d like but the reviews convinced me, they were right. Its GREAT! My wife loves it and she is very picky so that was a surprise.
Can’t recommend it enough!
It’s definitely a light summer, everyday, or even date night smell. If you’re surrounded by snow it still smells good however LOL

Cody Thomas
Beard Getaway

No one works harder than your beard showing the world just how masculine you really are. With all those long hard hours, it’s only fair to give your face neighbor a break, and I know just the spot! Envision sandy beaches and clear water with a fruity drink in hand, and that’s where Shipwreck will take your beard! This is the perfect oil to give your beard the tropical vacation it deserves, plus it’ll leave you smelling amazing. Buy a bottle today to book your beard’s trip to its dream destination!